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Product Information:

DenFil™ is a visible-light activated, radiopaque, hybrid composite material.
It is designed for use in both anterior and posterior restorations

DenFil™ Flow

Product Information:

DenFil™ Flow: Is a light-cured, radiopaque flowable restorative resin.

Restorations of Class Ⅲ, ClassⅤ, Smaller Class Ⅳ
Base/liner in the ClassⅠ, ClassⅡ restorations
Repair of resin, porcelain, and acrylic temporary materials
Restoration of minimally invasive cavity preparations
Pit and fissure sealant
Undercut blockout


Product Information:

Spacer™: Is a light-curing temporary filling material included nano-sized silver.

Spacer™ is used for the temporary restoration of inlay and onlay preparations and all kinds of temporary fillings. Spacer™ is easy to handle because it is not sticky.
Spacer™ has high elasticity and strength.
Spacer™ shows excellent marginal sealing and can be easily removed all at once without any debris in the cavity.


DenFil™ Etchant-37

Product Information:

DenFil™ Etchant-37: Is phosphoric acid formulation thickened with natural polymeric materials.

DenFil™ Etchant-37 contains 37% phosphoric acid and is designed as a semi-gel type. DenFil™ Etchant-37 can be obtained easy and available etching effect.

DenFil™ Etchant-37 leaves no residues on the surface of etched tooth contrary to silica thickened etchants.


Product Information:

V-Etch™: (35% Phosphoric acid) is a viscous solution type that minimize to be blocked the tip by including a natural humectant.

V-Etch™ shows a rapid etching effect to enamel and dentin, and completely can be removed with smear layer upon rinsing.

The thixotropic property of V-Etch™ helps effective etching to the precise locations.



Product Information:

Well-Paste™: Is a root canal filling material for pulp capping and an infected root canal. It is also applied a good intracanal medicament.

It contains Calcium Hydroxide and Barium Sulfate mainly, having good radiopacity and antibacterial characteristics.

Well-Paste™ is very stable without any solidification or separation and is a highly-flowable paste premixed in a convenient syringe.

Well-Paste™ has excellent accessibility to the apex and biocompatibility to the periapical tissue.


Product Information:

Well-Prep™: Including Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid(EDTA) is a chelating agent which allows efficient cleaning and easier preparation of the root canal.

When Urea-peroxide in Well-Prep™ reacts with sodium hypochlorite, pulp debris is lifted out the canal by the bubbling effect.

Well-Prep™ improves the tubular penetration of endodontic medicaments and filling materials as dentinal tubules are opened.

Well-Prep™ improves the efficiency in injecting into the root canals by including a special lubricant.



Product Information:

V-varnish™: Premium is cavity varnish containing 50mg of sodium fluoride per 1ml. It also contains TCP and xylitol.

It is applied to teeth for the purpose of delivering fluoride and treatment hypersensitivity. It has two colors (clear and white) and four flavors such as bubble gum, strawberry, melon and mint.

V-varnish™Premium is packed in single does package allows easy mixing and application.


Eazipan™ LC

Product Information:

Eazipan™ LC: Is a transparent light-curing individual impression tray resin. It is easy and convenient to handle than chemical curing tray resin because it can be used directly without mixing and it has no unpleasant smell.

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